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Hordo Bennett Mounteer LLP is currently accepting applications for both summer and articling student positions.

The firm has a relaxed working environment, with a good interaction between partners and students.  The relationship between students and associates is also very positive and mutually beneficial.

We place very strong emphasis on academic record.  Our preference is for students in the top 10% of their class.

Because our practice is purely litigation, we do not have a rotation system.  However, through relationships with other firms we try to provide some exposure to other practice areas.

Most of our files are large, complex matters.  Students join the team working on the file and are involved in every aspect of the conduct of the litigation.  Responsibilities include legal research, preparation of legal memoranda, drafting pleadings and correspondence, conferences with lawyers and clients, reviewing documents and attending Chambers' applications when required.  The firm emphasis is on the quality of our product.

For more information, please contact Mark W. Mounteer at: 
(604) 639-3667

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