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UPDATED April 11, 2016

Money Mart mailed the Settlement Cheques on March 16th. 

I made a claim in the settlement but did not receive my Settlement Cheque or any entitlement email?

When you completed your online claim form you will have received an email confirmation with the details of your claim.  Please check to see if the address you provided was correct.

If you need to have your Settlement Cheque reissued, you will need to complete a Statutory Declaration and have it notarized (at your expense).  You will need to provide the completed notarized Statutory Declaration to Money Mart at:


Settlement Services

401 Garbally Rd,

Victoria BC, V8T 5M3




What is this about?

A settlement reached in this class action was approved by the B.C. Supreme Court on July 15, 2015. The settlement is a compromise of disputed claims. The defendants do not admit any wrongdoing or liability. The class action sought to require Money Mart Franchisees and National Money Mart Company, to pay damages equal to the charges on Eligible Fast Cash Advance Transactions on the theory that such charges breached s. 347 of the Criminal Code of Canada. The Defendants deny that they owe damages.

Can I still file claim?

The Court imposed deadline to submit a claim has expired.  It is no longer possible to make a claim in the settlement.

For further information: e-mail:

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